Alpine to WCC
Our most popular trip: This is the
perfect half day trip. Alpine is a DGIF public
boat landing located along the
James River
between Arcadia and
Natural Bridge.
     We drop you off with a Kayak or Canoe
and you begin your 10 mile adventure back
to the Wilderness Canoe take-out.
     Along the way you'll encounter Class I
and II rapids made from natural ledges and
rocks. You'll have to navigate through these
rapids by judging the water and obstacles
and picking the best route.
     Between the rapids you'll enjoy quiet,
peaceful slow moving water perfect for
fishing, swimming or relaxing. There are
islands and pebble beaches for stopping to
have a picnic.
     This is a "at your own pace trip", so its
up to you how long you spend on the river.
This trip generally takes at least 3 hours but
can take all day if you want.
     You'll go past the Yogi Bear
campground, and one more rapid before
the take-out. The last rapid is made up of
debris left behind from the
James and
Kanawha River Canal project in the 1850's.
This rapid can be tricky to navigate in low
water and can be daunting in high water.
     After the last rapid, you enter
Wilderness Canoe territory where you will
see a yellow sign on a tree at the take-out.
Once on land, you should carry your boat
out of the water, put all trash in the barrel
provided and walk the gravel road back to
your car parked at the Wilderness Canoe
View up-stream from WCC
View up-stream from WCC take-out.
Herd of Buffalo's after Alpine.




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Photo Album
Solo Sit on Top Kayaks
Solo Sit on Top Kayaks.
Half Way
Train bridge at Gilmores Mill.
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